The beef business began in 1968 for Gary Salyers. That is when Andrew and Lois Salyers, Gary’s parents, purchased a ninety-one acre farm near Billings, MO. They sold property in Lakeside, California and chose to relocate in southwest Missouri. Andrew and Lois had both grown up on small farms in Ohio and Kentucky and wanted their son to grow up with a chance at this type of environment. In 4th grade Gary bought his first cow. Gary has always loved the beef business and making hay with and for neighbors and friends.

Gary was involved in FFA in school, from livestock judging to receiving the state farmers degree in 1979. The Salyers’ had mostly mixed cattle on the farm, but Gary had eight registered polled Hereford cows as well. As time went on Edgar and Gary used several breeds as herd sires, but were never sold on one breed.

In January 1983, Gary married Liz and their first home was in town only 2.5 miles from the farm. One year later they built their home in which they still live on the farm where Gary grew up.

In 1984, Gary and his father bought a purebred Saler bull to use on their commercial herd from an ad they saw in the local paper. They liked the calves a lot, as they were born unassisted and grew well. The light birth weights sold Gary on the breed. Gary bought his parents’ herd of mixed cows and used Saler bulls on them. For several years, Gary bought his bulls from Charley and Bonnie Dry of Ozark, MO.

Gary wanted Saler cows of his own to get a start in the seedstock business, so when RJV Salers of El Dorado Springs, MO sold out their herd in 1995, Gary and Liz bought several cows and a group of heifers. Talk about an eye opener! They saw mothering ability and longevity in these cattle. One of those first heifers is still doing a great job and represents a cow family they are proud of. Later, in 1997, they purchased 20 cows from Cutting Edge Cattle Co. in Creston, IA. This gave them a good base to start with. While not all perfect, they proved to be good beef cattle.

By this time, their sons Brenton and Shane were helping with the cattle a lot and had some of their own for 4-H projects. Their daughter, Ashley, is now showing in 4-H also. Gary sold his concrete construction business in 1997 to Advanced Concrete Technology Inc., and is in charge of overseeing their flatwork crews. Because of his busy schedule, the Salyers needed cattle that perform on their own.

Gary and Liz bought another two hundred acres so that they could expand Salyers and Sons Salers. The boys grew up showing calves, so being at shows and around other breeders helped improve the genetic program.

Throughout the years the herd was improved through purchases from other Saler breeders. Now Salyers and Sons Salers’ quality was starting to show, so they decided to sell the commercial herd and concentrate on Salers. Today they have a registered herd that includes mostly purebred cattle and a few fullbloods. Most of the herd is black, but they still have some requests for red bulls and heifers. Their customers are mainly within three hours of home, and this helps as Gary delivers most of the cattle sold. They exhibit cattle at Farmest in Springfield, MO every fall. This has established a good customer base that comes back year after year wanting more cattle. Nothing pleases us more than creating happy customers!